the one with the door

I’m still trying to figure out how to organize the site. My current hosting service doesn’t have any functions for drafting and archiving posts and my subscription doesn’t end until May. So until then I’ll just link longer posts like I do with my notes. When time comes, I’ll see about switching services. Also, I just realized I’ve been dating posts 2020. Either no one noticed or no one cared to tell me. Ha. Alright, here’s a trick I do in my apt sometimes.

I’m not great at it, but I've always liked the idea of integrating magic tricks into my apartment. So, I was pretty excited when I thought of this one. Here's what it looks like.

I have a door in between my kitchen and my living room. On the living room side hangs a drawing. One side is the view from the living room facing the kitchen:

And the other side is the view from the kitchen facing the living. The door is cut out except for the side with hinges.

When someone asks me what's up with this drawing, I take it down and show her what I drew. Then I ask her to stand under the doorway with me; she's on the kitchen side, I'm on the living room side. I hold up the drawing so she's looking at the kitchen side, and I ask her to hold the flap door open on her side and close her eyes. Slowly and carefully, I guide her to switch places with me through the doorway, making sure we don't collide with each other or the door frame while still holding on to the drawing together. It's during this switching process that I do the dirty work. Once we've switched sides, (she's now on the living room side, I'm in the kitchen, and the doorway between us) she opens her eyes to see she's looking at the living room side of the drawing even though she's never let go of the door flap.

This is my version of Robert Neale's Trap Door. It's kinda similar to Andy’s post on Jerx. If you haven't read it, definitely check it out. It's wonderful.

You'll need a doorway that has something interesting on both sides of its wall; not just a doorway at the end of a hall or something. Maybe outdoor/indoor. I won't explain the method but you can learn it here. Or I'm sure you can just YouTube the performance and figure it out.

This can be impromptu if you're out somewhere or at friend's place. You take out a piece of paper and a crayon and say you want to make your friend a gift but it will take a couple minutes to make it. Leave and find a door way and roughly sketch each side on the paper. You can either have the paper pre-folded/cut or you can practice to do it on the spot. I've debated on not having her close her eyes. I haven't tried that but I think it works either way. I kinda like having their eyes close.

I shared this idea with Tatanka and he thought it would be dope if you're at a friend's and you tell her you're gonna bring a gift the next time you come over. The next time you're there, you take out the drawing and it's a really well sketched/illustrated/designed/whatever picture of the place where you'll do the trick. And you can gift it after. Maybe even put it in a frame.