story time

A few years ago, I was at a friend's birthday bbq party at the park. During a break in the conversation, I noticed one of my friend's friend sat under a tree scribbling on a pad. It was kinda weird because at first glance, it looked like she was sketching, but when I looked closer, it was just a bunch of nonsense scribbles. But the way she kept looking at a group in the distance made me curious.

So, I made my way over, introduced myself, and asked her what she was doing. She pointed to a girl in bright red overalls who's kinda just chillin' by herself and told me she's trying to draw what she thought overalls girl might be thinking. Turns out she's recently really gotten into fortune telling and psychic readings, and this was one of the ways she read about how to practice being tuned-in to others.

She asked me if I wanted to try it with her. I plop right down next to her. Hells yeah, I do. She flipped to a blank page and gave me the pad and a marker. She instructs me to clear my mind and just focus on the overalls girl- specifically the movement of her body. I have to almost move along with her in my head and let those movements flow down into my arms and to my finger tips, and let my hand just freely draw on the page. Sometimes an image will slowly start to form, she said, but don't rush it.

She said that she's gonna keep trying as well but didn't want to be influenced by what I'll draw and scooted forward a bit. She was wearing an open back dress and I could see that she had a small tattoo of a humming bird under her left shoulder blade.

So, I took my time and and let the flow do its thing. She raised her hands, mimed holding a pen and pad, and did the whole thing with me. It felt like a long 5 minutes before I looked down at what I drew. I didn't really get any images in my head, I told her. She told me to look at the scribbles and try to see something in it, then flip to another blank page and make a clearer drawing based on what I saw. I had kind of thought I saw a bird but I realized that was her tattoo, so I tried to not think about that. When I squinted a little, I can kinda see like an easel with a canvas on it. Maybe on the canvas was an ice cream cone. But that was kind of a stretch.

I flipped to the next page and drew an ice cream cone on a canvas on an easel. She told me to tear off mine and give the pad back real quick because she thinks she's got something. I kinda peeked over her shoulders and saw that it was just a bunch of scribbles like the first time. She tore off that page, tossed it to the side and started again. I just sat and waited. I guess this was kind of fun? It was hot and I kinda needed to pee but didn't want to just leave. I'll sacrifice my pants to not be rude. Luckily she finished pretty quickly and turned around to face me.

That was fun, she said. I guess so, I thought. She asked me what I had gotten. I showed her. It's like an easel and canvas and ice cream cone. Her eyes widen. She shows me hers. It was ALSO an easel and canvas and ice cream cone. WHAT THE ACTUAL F...

Okay, I made up the whole story. But it's how I would do drawing dupe. I'll be honest and say I've never done this, but just had the idea for a while. It needs a parapad but I've never owned one. So, if one of you guys wanna send it to me for my birthday, I can try this out when we're allowed outside again and will report back.

You'll also need non-gimmicked sharpie. They start with that one when they scribble first time. When they tell you they're done (at this point, its a bunch of non-sense), you turn and take a both the sharpie and the pad to look at it. You seem impressed and give directions for the next part (for them to try to see something within the mess). During this, you switch the sharpie. I don't have a switch in mind, but it's really not a big deal. They have no idea what's even really going on. After you switch the sharpie, they'll make the actual drawing on a new page. When they're done, have them tear it off, you get the pad back, get your peek, etc etc.

What you can do as a convincer is go over to the other group first and pick out a person and do the first half of the drawing dupe. You tell them you're trying an experiment and will take the next hour trying to guess what they drew. They tear off their page and keep their drawing, of course.

When you get to your group, peek and dupe whatever that person drew. Then you get someone to notice your weird doodles and do the whole thing. After the reveal, excuse yourself real quick and take both drawings and head back to the original person. During this trek, you have an ample amount of time to switch out the two drawings with your original dupe.

You get there and reveal it to that person. Now, your friend from a distance will see you get a reaction and think that the two of you got it right. So, you get a duel reality situation AND a drawing dupe inside a drawing dupe.