page two

I’ve been using this double for some time and think it’s got a lot going for it. Here are some reasons why this competing with my already silky smooth award winning push-off Stew Gordon variation.

1) The card starts at the half way point.
2) Does not repeat the same action to turn the card face up and down.
3) You’re holding the cards at an ideal position the entire time.
4) It kinda FEELS like what a layman would do.

Before I go on- I haven’t seen anyone else do this specifically, but I’m sure I can’t be the only one. So credit goes out into the universe and whoever wants it can take it.

Here’s what the page two double looks like:

You’ll need to know the pinky count; which is step 1.
Step 2, after you have a break under the top two cards, you bevel the deck like this:

Step 3, you now automatically have the double protruding just enough for you to turn over. So turn the thing over by the bottom left corner.

And that’s it. You can use your index finger to mime sliding the card off as your beveling. Also remember to start with the deck perpendicular to the ground instead of parallel. Think about it like opening a book to… page two. Teehee.

Also, get these cards if you haven’t: