january recap

I think I'll start an end of month report type of thing where I recap the month and share random things I've found. Here's the recap for January. I posted three items from my notes and will post some more in February. I'm not sure how much more, but will figure it out as I go. I also shared a quick ring trick, a spelling trick, my version of The Trap Door, and a podcast episode. In other news, here's a super easy book test. It would be funny to force this book in a bookstore.

And here is an interesting device/idea to incorporate into a dual reality type thing. Basically two people can watch the same video and hear two different things and think it’s the same. Let me know if you think of a cool trick with it and I’ll do the same. May have some zoom potential too since that’s the game these days.

And shoutout to Wei Ding for this dope artwork. See you in February!