bob's your uncle

If you like cool transpos featuring Kevin Ho’s Bob Change, I got something for you. Thanks, Kev, for allowing me to share and teach your move! If you don’t know- Kevin has some dope cards:

I’ll go through the change as it’s done in the transpo first then the rest of the trick.

Place two cards back to back and hold them at opposite corners between your thumb and pinky. Position your hand so it’s at eye level, your palm is facing out, the cards are perpendicular to the ground, and your thumb/pinky are on the corners with the pip of the card facing you. Use your index finger to swivel the cards around. So, at the start of the change, from your POV, your thumb and pinky are on pipped corners of the card facing you and after the change, they will be on non-pipped corners of the card facing you. To execute the change, rotate your wrist from left to right and use your index finger to pull back and rotate the double once.

Now on to the transpo. You need a dupe. Go get one.
Set up from the bottom is: x-card, dupe reversed, dupe, pseudo dupe of dupe, remainder of deck:

You can force the set up, but I don’t think a selection is necessary. Just randomly cut to it by swinging cutting two packets off the top into your other hand and table those as you turn the remaining back face up. Okay, anyways, start by getting your friend to hold his hand up to eye level. As you do this, pinky count three cards and hold a break below that.

Turn over the triple, push off the card on top (dupe) and have them hold it in their hand like the image below without flashing the face to them. As you adjust the card in their hand, pinky count two cards and get a break underneath that. Pick up the double with your thumb and pink and rotate the dupe so it’s face is always facing them. You’ll end up in this position (left is spectator, right is you):

I used a mirror because I didn’t have anyone helping me out. At this point, the two dupes are facing each other. Also, I do the Bob Change with my right hand so I want them to use their left. This way we mirror each other.

Start rotating your wrist slowly from side to side and get them to mimic you. Speed up and execute the move. Lower your hand, making sure to rotate so the x-card is facing up, and ditch the dupe by setting both cards on top of the deck to clean up. At some point, before you ditch, casually turn the packet in your other hand face down to facilitate the ditch.

I wouldn’t make much out of the presentation. But I found that sometimes they look at their card and sometimes they don’t. So right before I execute the change, I’d say the two cards are gonna change places. Then I look at my card like I’m wondering if it worked. And it’s kinda cool because they’ll assume that you saw their card change just like what they saw. So, put on your actor hat and get excited and pretend like you saw the same thing they saw. Don’t over do it, though.

This is obviously best for 1 person unless everyone else is behind them. An additional idea is that you two change places but the cards remain on the same side. So, find somewhere with a dividing line. Like on the sidewalk between two segments of cement or under a doorway or draw a line on the gravel road between you two with a piece of chalk. The handling is the same except you execute the change when you two switch sides, and Bob’s your uncle.